Full membership is open to scholars and students who

(a) possess, or pursues, an appropriate doctoral degree or Master of Arts (or equivalent);
(b) or possess a teaching or research post in fields and disciplines recognised as appropriate by the Association at a university or at an institution of equivalent standing.
Associate membership is possible for all students and independent scholars of the above and related fields and disciplines.

Current membership fees are:

€ 20.- for full members from all CEE and SEE countries (this includes Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine)
€ 10.- for students from all CEE and SEE countries (PhD candidates count as full members, not as students)
€ 15.- for retired persons / pensioners from all CEE and SEE countries
€ 35.- for full members from non-SEE countries
€ 20.– for students from non-SEE countries (PhD candidates count as full members, not as students)
€ 20.– for retired persons / pensioners from non-SEE countries

All members have the right to receive information regarding the activities of the Association, and to attend conferences free of charge. All full, dues-paying members and honorary members can receive the Association’s Journal ‘Ethnologica Balkanica’ and have the right to speak and vote at meetings of the forum of members and to participate in elections to the executive committee.

International money transfers:
Robert Pichler
IBAN: AT141420020012774878

Of course we know that money transfers from non SEPA-countries are very expensive and might even exceed the membership fees. In this case, we therefore propose you to give your membership fees (in cash – you will receive a receipt) to the InASEA committee members/advisory board member in your countries:

Serbia: Ana Banić Grubišić ‎[agrubisi@f.bg.ac.rs]‎
Croatia: Jasna Čapo [capo@ief.hr]
Albania: Armanda Hysa [armanda.kodra@gmail.com]
Slovenia: Tanja Petrović [taxema@yahoo.com]‎
Bulgaria: Ana Luleva ‎[analuleva@gmail.com]‎
Greece: Konstantina Bada ‎[konbada@gmail.com]‎
Macedonia: Ljupco Risteski ‎[risteski@ukim.edu.mk]‎
Romania: Stefan Dorondel [dorondel@yahoo.com]‎
Turkey: Asker Kartari ‎[kartari@khas.edu.tr]‎
Moldova: Ludmila Cojocari ‎[lcojocari@gmail.com]‎
Kosovo: Arbnora Dushi [arbnoradushi@hotmail.com]

A membership application form can be downloaded here.

Fill in the form and send it via e-mail as a Word document attachment to Danijela Birt.