InASEA Guidelines for submitting announcements

Guidelines for submitting announcements

Are you a member? Do you have an announcement, event, or conference of interest to InASEA members? Submit it by email to our site administrators Jelena Kupsjak: or Zlatko Bukač

See the guidelines below for advice on creating an optimal post.

Please note: We publish submissions at our discretion, and may turn down a submission for various reasons. We may also ask you to edit the post before we approve it for publication.


  • Write announcements in the third person. E.g.: “Jane Jones is currently the Director of the Centre for Ethnography (CE) and an associate researcher at University of Zadar. She will be presenting her upcoming book „Memory and Belonging “this Saturday at….”
  • Use an image. Choose an image (minimum dimensions 600*300, maximum size 1 MB) that will be published as a featured image for the post, together with the text. Please only send images you can use, and make sure to give credit where credit is due.
  • Use links. Link to an event page, or a book page, or university website etc. to make it easier for readers to access more information.
  • If you have documents or attachments you wish to upload with the announcement, please make sure that they do not exceed the size of 2 MB as we have limited upload space. If those additional resources are already uploaded on other web sites, just send us a link so we don t overload our server.
  • Add all the details. Especially for events and contests. Don’t forget to include times and locations for dates, deadlines, fees and costs, etc.
  • Content guidelines: Keep it on topic, relevant, and noteworthy. Make sure you have permission to publish any content that you do not own the copyright to, and give credit where credit is due.
  • Types of Submissions: Feel free to submit anything within the realm of conferences, seminars, workshops and pedagogical activities, publications of journals and books, fellowship announcements, dissemination of relevant information to the members of the Association, information for non-members about the activities of the Association etc. Submissions will be posted to the InASEA site for public consumption. All submissions will be held for moderation and approval. We may turn down a submission if we decide it is not a good fit.
  • This submission system has been put into place to reduce the workload on volunteers, so please use it.